Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Fun in the City

This weekend, we were invited to the Chicago wedding of a gorgeous friend from law school, so we decided to make a mini-holiday of it. We drove in Friday morning, checked into our hotel, and hit Michigan Avenue.

Our list of stores to hit was long--in our town in Central Illinois, we have, uh, Macys, Gap, Old Navy, that's it....well maybe an exaggeration (a Banana Republic FINALLY opened a year or two ago), but still. We started at Neiman Marcus, where I had a return. We were molested by an salesperson pushing Hermès fragrances. I almost died in the shoe department where I saw these in real life. Actually, the in-store version was creamy patent leather, not the gold that originally enticed me. But really, they're more gorgeous than I even imagined. It was hard to walk away! In the Chanel accessory nook, I played with a beautiful pink ombre 2.55 quilted bag.

I scored at both Bloomingdales and Hermès--more on that later!

After a wonderful day of shopping, we were dying of thirst and hunger.

At Quartino, we started with Limoncello and Orangecello martinis and worked our way through four "small" plates of seafood and pasta, wine, and finally two enormous desserts and coffee. Then we headed over to Pops for Champagne for amazing champagne cocktails. If you live near Chicago, please go here and have the Vie en Rose sparkling cocktail. My God. My husband also speaks highly of the Black 75.

Saturday was the wedding, an all-day affair. Both Bride & Groom are Indian and the festivities were not only amazingly romantic , but exotic. Almost all the women wore colorful, opulent saris. The groom rode in on a white horse with an accompanying drummer and dancers. The wedding ceremony was traditionally Vedic, and we were given a booklet that described what was happening and the meaning behind the rituals. After a buffet luncheon, we had a couple of hours before the reception. Here we are (not shown, but I opted to wear the python pumps):

And later, in the photo booth, after a few martinis:

The food was Indian and thus hugely spicy; the music was pure Bollywood. Incredible fun on the dance floor, with all the gorgeous women in their silk saris and gold jewelry!

Sunday--Mother's Day--we met up with our oldest son for burgers at Kuma's Corner:

Good Times. Now back to reality. Sigh.


mamacita said...

So, for real, one day you're going to tell us how you manage to look younger than your son, right?

M.Lane said...

I agree with Mamacita. You and your husband always look like movie stars!!! How photogenic you both are.

I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and stayed at the Ambassador East for the first time and I fell IN LOVE with it!


CashmereLibrarian said...

Ah, many thanks Mamacita and Epic. Luckily I have a really crappy camera so the lack of focus really helps out.

But I am going to be sure that my son sees your comment, Mamacita! Haha!

Maggie May said...

you gorgeous people!

Paul Pincus said...

maggie may is spot on! gorgeous post. gorgeous people.


Anonymous said...

FUN!! FUN!! I'm glad it didn't rain while you were here! Next time you are in town let me know, we can have a little blogger shop/lunch meet up! I would have been arrested over the Loubs. No way would I have been able to take them off! I would have ran out of the store! Awesome weekend! I heart "Pops" too. Thanks for the fun post. :)

Belle said...

That was the most fabulous trip! The cocktails alone were amazing! So glad you were able to spend mothers day with your son. Priceless. BTW, you looked gorgeous!!
Have a great day!

Princess Freckles said...

I left you an award! :)

g. said...

Sounds like some day! Much fun.

Bee said...

I know there are country pleasures - fields of buttercups and all that -- but CITY pleasures really get me going! Your weekend sounds divine.

I especially love the pic of you with your son.

Anne @ The City Sage said...

You guys are such an unbelievably stylish family! I should be so lucky always to have such handsome fellas in my life :)

Something tells me it's all your influence, subliminal or otherwise :)

Merisi said...

You could not deny that you are your oldest's mother - but you have a bit of explaining to do how you manage to look so young! (I just realize what mamacita has written *smile*)