Monday, July 20, 2009

Dark and Shiny

Sunday afternoon I was getting ready to give myself a manicure. After gardening most of the day Saturday, my hands needed some care. I soaked my nails, pushed back my cuticles, and was digging through my collection of polishes for my usual color, Essie Mademoiselle. Typically, I keep my fingernails light because they chip so quickly. But Sunday I when I came across a bottle of OPI Russian Navy laying there lonely in my box I knew I didn't care that I'd have to probably remove the polish by Wednesday because it would be a chippy mess. So my finger nails are now lovely, shiny and dark blue. And as yet unchipped.

I tend to go for darker colors on my toes but because I usually pedicure but once a month, I tend to choose more classic brights like OPI's Chick Flick Cherry or Essie's Exotic Liras or even Chanel Vamp. So my wilder colors, like Russian Navy, are sadly neglected.

But now I'm obsessed. I just ordered NARS' new nail color Tokaïdo Express. It's "black amethyst infused with gold!" And at the end of September MAC is coming out with a Style Black Collection which features a nail lacquer called Baby Goth Girl. I have to have this for the name alone but it sounds like such fun: it's black with pink and purple pearl. I missed out on the Chanel Black Satin polish trend in 2006 (my sixteen year old son was living in Munich at the time and I begged him to find me a bottle of the European version--which was apparently easier to find--at the local Chanel store, but he was having none of it, most likely prefering to hit the beer halls) and I'm determined to be on the front end of this train--well at least I'll be the hippest girl in Central Illinois. HA!

Lest you think I maintain regularly manicured fingernails, I can't and don't. I clean and garden and bicycle and run and it's impossible! I do, however, try to keep a coat of Sally Hansen Natural Shine Instant Nail Finish on at all times. I own both the Clear and the Pink Tint (I purchased them with a buy one, get one free deal) and always carry one or the other in my handbag. Daily, when I first get to work in the morning, I brush a coat on and it takes but seconds to dry. I've also tried the Neutrogena Instant Nail Enhancer but do not recommend it--no lasting power.


Princess Freckles said...

I'm such a nail polish/mani/pedi junkie! I also love the darker colors for my toes and on my fingers in the Fall and Winter. I normally get weekly manicures, but with my wedding coming up, I've had to cut back to same the $$$! I want to try that Sally Hanson in the meantime.

Speaking of the darker pedicures, I rently got a pedi with alight pink and I just don't like it as much! I can't wait till I'm due for another pedicure and I can get a brighter color!

Petunia said...

Russian Navy is my favorite blue! Love it!

Lexilooo said...

after reading this, I am really wanting a pedicure :)

The Mrs. said...

Oooohhh love it!