Thursday, August 6, 2009

New York City

I'm going to NYC next Monday, through Friday the 14th. In high school, my youngest son was an exchange student in Munich for a year and we are finally meeting his host parents and their children in Manhattan! (Their daughter is the same age as my youngest son; while he was living with her family, she was studying in Uruguay. So they've not met either. His host family also has a son who is a year or so younger.)

We're staying at the Excelsior Hotel on the West Side. My son has never been to NYC (well actually he was there briefly for a Greyhound exchange earlier this summer--long story) and so we have a lot to see and do! The three of us are museum people and we want to try and hit the Met, the Guggenheim and MOMA. I also just want to walk around Manhattan. And, of course, shop (Aedes!!! Takashimaya!!!). But I would LOVE to get recommendations from my blog friends as to where to eat, drink, shop and SEE. Please advise!

I haven't been to NYC since before fact I was sitting on the tarmac at O'Hare, waiting to take off for LaGuardia on a business trip when the planes hit the WTC. We didn't know a thing--we were just very irritated that the plane was late taking off. Then finally the captain came on and said we were heading back to the gate, as there had been some "terrorist activity" in New York. We all looked at each other wide-eyed, then clamoured for our cell phones. I remember thinking in particular that it would have sucked to have died with my despised boss, who was also on the plane (in First Class though, of course).

I was also disappointed, because I was booked to stay at the Algonquin Hotel for the first time! In fact I had along with me a collection of Dorothy Parker's letters. I don't think I ever bothered reading them, after that.

Anyway, COMMENTS please!!


Lexilooo said...

Go to Serendipity and have a frrrozen hot chocolate! They are amazing! It's so popular, so call and make reservations!

ScentScelf said...

Oh, if I were going...

Scentwise, I'd head to Brooklyn to catch the art installation on oakmoss (in Red Hook), and to CB I Hate Perfume (Williamsburg, I think?), because only there can you get Cradle of Light. Aedes, yes, with hopes of catching a solicitous salesperson; Takashimaya (and I'd report back if it seemed, well, empty, as Non-Blonde reported)...but I'd also catch one of the essential oil emporiums, just for fun. (Isn't there a place in the Village? Are you there with Google?)

I'd hie up to the new High Line park...check out the Film Forum, because they've got a great noir series the Circle Line, because yes it's touristy but it is also informative and wonderfully nice to be on the stores!...

...hope you are having a grand time!

Bee said...

Even though NYC has such great EVERYTHING, my very favorite thing to do is just walk around Central Park or Greenwich Village. (I've been to Serendipity. It IS fun, and right by Bloomingdale's.) The first time I went to NYC, my native New Yorker friend insisted that we visit Zabar's -- the famous deli. So that would be my pick.

Do you read the blog, About New York? (see my sidebar) Elizabeth is WONDERFUL and she would be happy to give you some good tips.

M.Lane said...

Oh you are making me jealous! Glad to see you posting!

Le Veau D'Or on E. me. You have to go. Lunch or dinner.

L'Absinthe, 227 E. 67th

Indochine, across from Joe's Pub in the village 425 Lafayette St between E4th and Astor Place; Joes has great jazz shows in a small space and you can dine across the street at Indochine.

Aquavit, 65 E 55th between Park and Madison. Swanky neo-Scandinavian seafood.

Carnegie Club, 156 W 56th; bar with great music

Picholine 35 W 64th; fabulous restaurant on the west side

Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel, 76th and Madison; very good food but a great music scene too.

PJ Clarke's 55th and 3d; one of my favorite bars anywhere; great pub food

Orsay, 75th and Lexington; old time French place, great shops near by

Librarie de France, 610 5th Ave on the Rock Center promenade,
The Strand 828 Broadway at 12th
and, my favorite, Argosy, 116 E 59th between Park and Lex.

Is that a good start???

I love 21 on 52d street and Le Cirque on E 58th also.

My very distinct pleasure.


Headbands and Hand Bags said...

We might be there the first of next week, and one of my first stops will be Little Red Hen for a cupcake, worth the stop!!

vicki archer said...

Have a wonderful time. I always head to Takashimaya too (for garden shears) but I noticed it has changed around a little when I was there in January. I always love the three B's for some drool worthy fashion - Bendels, Bergdorgs and Barneys then head downtown to find the knock offs....xv

Anonymous said...

What kinds of stuff do you like to do on trips? Gardens? Book stores? Shopping? Are you an uptown or more of a downtown SoHo kind of gal?? I'm a native NY'er & I'm happy to help w/reco's but I also don't want to make you schlep allllll over the city! ;) I'm so excited for your trip. Here are a few of my downtown picks. There is plenty of shopping in the area.

Merisi said...

I hope you had a great visit to NYCity! Had I read your post before you left for the trip, I would have added the so-called "Real Little Italy" along Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, the indoor market there is a foodlover's dream come true. I love the whole area there, for its authenticity - even the parking meters are in Italian! - and the little coffee bars and restaurants.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Second M. Lane's recommendation of Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel. A favourite and never-miss when we get up to the City. I'd love to try out The Campbell Apartment for a drink too. I understand that there is still a dress code.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I noticed we were at the same "cafe" this morning courtesy of M. Lane. I am sorry I don't have any suggestions for your New York trip - I've never been - but it looks like Mr. Lane has offered quite a few places to try. If it were me, I'd do all the lame touristy things like 21, Four Seasons and Tavern on the Green. And Sardi's.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I hope you had a wonderful trip... and lots of happy shopping!