Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekly Manicure

I've never been one to schedule regular professional manicures: I either do it myself at home or keep a coat of Sally Hansen Natural Shine Nail Finish on. It's just an indulgence that I haven't been able to bring myself to do.

But now I'm thinking that it would be really nice to have a weekly manicure. I love dark colors on my nails but when I paint them it chips so quickly, so I tend to stick with Essie Mademoiselle. (Even pale nail polish chips on my self-manicures, because I of course use my nails cleaning, gardening, et cetera.) But a regular professional manicure would help with that, wouldn't it?

The issue is not only money but timing. So my question is: who of my blog friends manages to do this weekly, how do you fit it in your schedule, and how does your professional manicure hold up against daily life? Plus it'd be fun to know what your favorite polish colors are, if your nails are long or short, anything else you'd like to share about manicures (or pedicures). C'mon, spill!


vicki archer said...

I always have a regular pedicure but rarely a manicure...don't know why but I think because my hands never stop long enough for the varnish to dry! xv

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I get a mani/pedi every two weeks. I find that my pedicure will last for the entire two weeks and look good. My manicure will last one week if I wear gloves when I clean the house. For the 2nd week, I paint my own nails or simply take the varnish off until it is time to go to the salon again. I get professional mani/pedis because I can NEVER get it to look like they do on my own and I love to have beautifully groomed hands and feet. I am so overdue for one now, however... I was so busy last week I missed my appointment and am going on three weeks without one!

My favorite colors are Essie Mademoiselle and Essie A-list (a delightful red).

Princess Freckles said...

I noramlly get weekly manicures. The last few months with wedding planning (and saving), I've gone to every other week. I do find that professional manicures last longer. I keep my nails short, and I let them dry a very long time!

In the summer I always do pinks, be it bright or light. In the Winter, I vary between ballet slippers, a french, or a dark color like Wicked or Yes, I can can.

If you want to save some money, in between scheduled manicure, you can do a polish change, which normally costs about $7.

I think getting my nails done is a special treat, and I try to fit it in as my down time each week.

the NEO-traditionalist said...

You should make the time and do it for yourself! Of course I don't, but I want to too! It's just one of those things that always manages to slip through the cracks but I've vowed to be better about it recently. Here's to pretty painted nails...
XX Kate

QueenBeeSwain said...

I am so bad about this- but because of my sports I have to have short nails- I usually just cover them with clear polish and call it good enough- I wish I was as dedicated as those of you who do weekly manicures!



Beth Dunn said...

I get a weekly mani. But...I don't do dishes/gardening etc with out gloves. And mine still chips. I try to put a clear coat on the day or 2 after and bring my own polish so I can do touch ups. It is quite the procedure here. xoxo


mamacita said...

What Daily Connoisseur said.

ScentScelf said...

What timing. I just went for my first mani-pedi EVER. (I know--it's a "gasp!" for some.) I have had pedicures a couple of times before, but like you, have done whatever gets done at home. Occasionally color, more frequently a buff, regularly just an every other week trim and emery. (My nails grow quickly.)

About a year ago, I started regularly painting my toes. Hands were tougher, due to gardening, various forms of work & projects, and just somehow still feeling self-conscious about nail color, while the toe thing suddenly seemed right.

Upshot is, I, too, am trying to figure out what my plan is going to be. As I think about it, perhaps the fact that my younger child is about to turn 12 is a factor in this nail cataclysm? ;)

Anyway, I currently have a taupe-y purplish color on my nails and a cheery red on my toes. I figured the toes would last at least two weeks, the fingers not so, therefore it would be okay to not match.

Timing is a huge issue. I have switched employment schemes, and am now back to self-employed at home, schedule at will, and I have to admit that is a major factor in me even entertaining this. I did know women who made time every other week, but they either a) had no children, b) had a job of sufficient rank or flexibility that allowed them to make a regular appointment, or c) were funded in a way that meant a different lifestyle. I fell into none of those categories, and often spoke with a sort of pride about my "natural french manicure."

Good's dawning on me that I'm rambling longer than your this what a regular manicure will do to me?? And is it good or bad? I *do* need to write more... ;) (Waves with a big smile at Daily working on her novel...) (Waves also to QueenBeeSwain who speaks her experience until sometime mid-morning today...)

pve design said...

Last summer I went au natural, and I use a wonderful line of creams and buff my nails and they look strong and feel much healthier. I was told that the chemicals of the polish are very harmful and do not allow the nail to breath. I can tell you the line if you are interested. It has become a step - like brushing and flossing in my routine. Everyone thinks they look nice too. I am saving tons. (well, not that I was a weekly mani/pedi type anyway)...

Bee said...

I'm happy to oblige.
Ok, I've only had two manicures in my life. One was for my wedding. Both times I opted for a very pale shell pink. I keep my nails short; or they keep themselves short and I pretend that is MY idea.

Pedicures are an entirely different matter. When I lived in Texas, I used to go to a very cheap Asian person who could give me a pedi that would last three weeks. I tried all sorts of colors, but preferred a true, clear red. More blue than orange. Now that I live in England, I only get a pedi when I am going to Texas!