Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween in a College Town

Saturday, October 31st, after neighborhood Trick-or-Treating was over, our neighbors came over for a cocktail and then we decided to walk down to Campustown to see the Halloween excitement.

We walked through Campus and across the Quad on a beautiful, crisp fall evening. As we passed the Alma Mater statue and approached Campustown, we saw a huge group of students waiting for the lights to change. Once the Walk sign went on, the group charged across the intersection and we raced after them to see what was going on.

What it was was a long parade of Zombies. We followed them down the street.

After a few blocks, they stopped and laid down on the sidewalk. Then Michael Jackson's Thriller began to play on some far away boom box. Here's my iPhone video below. You can't really hear the music, but you'll get the gist.

Zombies on their way, uh, somewhere else.

Other revelers:

Men outside the tobacco shop:
Scooby Doo:

Die Herren in dem Lederhosen!

We had dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant and headed home. Here's how I spent Sunday afternoon:

Happy November!


The Daily Connoisseur said...

lol! I love seeing Halloween pics. There is something about Halloween that makes the most straight laced people lose their inhibitions!

M.Lane said...

This looks really festive and a wonderful evening. Now where did I put those lederhosen?


Mary-Laure said...

Spooky and fun! I love the Tyrolian (? Bavarian??) costumes!

b. said...

Oh, hey! I'm a new follower of your blog--didn't realize that you go to school in my hometown! (I recognize the pizza place, the Campustown description, and several other small clues.) Love the thriller story! :-)

QueenBeeSwain said...

Oooh, I grew up in Madison, WI, so this pulls at my heart-strings- there is just nothing like collegetown halloween!


ScentScelf said...

Ha! A thrILla!! Fun.

The bags of leaves...have some of those myself, even after many rounds of running mounds through the lawnmower and distributing throught the garden and beds.

Maggie said...

Wonderful blog! I live in a southeastern college town that has a huge and insane Halloween celebration. Loved your pics!

vicki archer said...

Looks like great fun to me....xv

the NEO-traditionalist said...

Scooby Doo has me in stitches---hysterical. Thanks for sharing these fun photos. Have a fun raking leaves this weekend and watching the local play! My little brother does lots of community theater back home in California and watching his shows is one of my favorite things to do in all the world. Good for you for supporting your local theater!
XXX Kate

Easy and Elegant Life said...

We laid low here at The Manse. After taking the kids through Hanover Avenue before dark, it was home to greet our dozen trick-or-treaters and some delivery Thai food. For some reason, I get nervous leaving the kids with a sitter during Hallowe'en night.

QueenBeeSwain said...

pop me a note at would LOVE to try to meet up with you if possible over Tgiving- I'll be in Madison!