Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Deep Thoughts by Cashmere Librarian

Wow, spring has come to the prairie. I have purple crocuses blooming in my yard and the tulips and daffodil leaves are four and five inches high. Unfortunately I have work duties today so I'm in my dark office. But it's hard to concentrate on legal writing when I know the sun is shining and the air is fresh outside.

So, instead of work, this is what I'm thinking about:

  • Why don't I go to Vegas for a long weekend? Or Palm Springs? Can I do it for less than $500 a person, airfare included and a nice hotel? Um, guess not. Anyway, it doesn't work with my teaching schedule. Sigh.
  • I want to drive up to Chicago this weekend and look at Porthault pillow shams at Maze Home. (Thanks--or no thanks--for prompting this obsession, Neo-Traditionalist!)
  • What would it be to dress up like the Kardashians every day? Do they ever take their smoky eye make-up off? Do they wake up with their hair looking like that? Do they ever wear flats? Do they get bunions, or nail fungus? Could I afford to hire their stylist? Would I want to?
  • [I am going to a French-speaking dinner tonight and ] I'm terrified. I think I will just make sure my mouth is always full.
  • I really want to sit by the ocean.
  • I really want a Iced Vanilla Blended from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
  • [Having just finished "The Children's Book by AS Byatt,] what should I read now? Trash or something more serious?
  • Why was A Bloomsbury Life in my dream the other night and why were we on a luge, running a snowy hill?
  • If I met James Franco, could he keep his hands off of me?
  • I really hope Gilt Groupe fills my waitlist request for the Kotur Wallace Satchel. Even though I'm not sure how I would pay for it.
Okay. I have a student scheduled to meet with me in two minutes. I'm getting serious now.


M.Lane said...

From the Sazerac Bar, Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans:
1. Yes you can. Yes you should.
2. Yes you should. Stay at the Ambassador East.
3. Ick. No. No. No. Yes. No. No. They have nothing on you. And they do not have the best name in blogdom...
4. Just wear something slinky and smile a lot. Cognac helps.
5. Me too. Not now though it is full of way too young spring breakers.
6. I want an iced Stoli. OH! I HAVE an iced Stoli!!!! Amazing!
7. Trash. The universe needs balance.
8. No idea.
9. Not if the Liberty of London post is any indication...
10. I bet it happens.


Bee said...

Goodness, that's a varied list.
I keep meaning to read The Children's Book, but I've been reading easy stuff instead. I have a short attention span at the moment. Blame spring!

S. Adler Sobol said...

Dear CL: Please let me know if you do come to Chicago (this week-end or any week-end) and drive up to the North Shore. Maze Home, in Winnetka, is literally around the corner from my home. Our little town has other wonderful shops as well. I'd love to meet you and show you around! Susan

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Ohhh la la! You MUST invest in some Porthault so that I might live vicariously through you until my budget allows me to do the same! XOXOXO Katie

CashmereLibrarian said...

Epic: Iced Stoli! Yesssss!

Bee: You will love The Children's Book. I was initially daunted by the length but it didn't take me long to be totally immersed.

Adler: I will take you up on that! Lucky you, to live on the North Shore. Last fall my husband was considering a job at Northwestern, and I would have loved to move to your neck of the woods. Ultimately we decided to stay down south but who knows!!?

Neo: Ah, but see that's the are tempting me to stray out of my budget! And truth be told, I am lucky enough to have one little pink heart Porthault sham. I shouldn't be greedy, but...