Friday, May 7, 2010

'Memba This?

Remember the Tunic Dress I was making? You can read about it's beginnings here and here.

Well, it's done. I wore it for the first time yesterday, to a production of my son's acting class at college.

I hadn't planned yet on how to wear it; ultimately I decided it looked better with a belt, and I pulled out an old gold chain belt for yesterday's outing. It was okay, but I think I will make a simple self-belt of the dress fabric and wear it at my natural waist. I had problems with the sizing. Sewing patterns (this was a McCall's) DO NOT have the vanity sizing that we're used to at J.Crew and Banana Republic, however the pattern charts aren't quite accurate either. I customarily wear a six on the bottom and eight on the top in the store; according to the pattern chart I wear a fourteen! So I originally cut the fabric to a size fourteen, and ended up trimming it down to a twelve. I still think it's a little big which in my opinion, in this sort of tunic shape, adds pounds; I like to think a more body-skimming (say, a ten in the McCall's size chart) would have been a bit more flattering. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking?

Here it is with the chain belt:

And here it is without.

What do you think?


Princess Freckles said...

I love it! Its cute with or without the belt. I'm glad you mentioned the sizing differences, because when I go vintage shopping I'ma much bigger size than at J.Crew! Sometimes its hard to figure out which size I actually need.

mamacita said...

I think it looks MUCH better without the belt. That's just IMHO, but since you asked...

I love that fabric. The dress turned out so well. You could have cut it down, but wouldn't that create issues around the middle when you sit? I know it would for me, but it's hard for me to imagine someone else's figure.

Anonymous said...

I love both!! BEAUTIFUL!! I would go without a belt but, that's just me. You look super s-k-i-n-n-y!! Nice job! xox MBM

The Daily Connoisseur said...

No way- can't believe you made this! So cute - looks like Tory Burch!

Petunia said...

Wow--I love it!!! Prefer without the belt!

The Preppy Princess said...

Wow, it came out *great*, and I'm surprised to say it looks wonderful with or without the belt, although I do prefer the look without the belt.

You have a great eye Miss Cashmere, the fabric and style were made for each other!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,