Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Tea Break

If you're a knitter, at some point you will tire of the ubiquitous woollen hats, scarves and socks, and succumb to the appeal of kitschy knitted items. Such as, I recently became obsessed with the need for a tea cozy. At first I was just thinking of a traditional quilted kind, but then I got on the online knitting community Ravelry and found the most perfect, silly and useful cozy project. Behold, the Strawberries and Cream Tea Cozy:

The beauty of it is that it matches my Wedgwood Wild Strawberries tea set. I just finished it this past week and I couldn't wait to break it in with some Darjeeling and cherry sugar cookies.

I still don't know if it did the job--that is, keeping the tea warm--because my husband and I were hungry after a morning of gardening, napping (me) and motorcycling (him), so we pretty much gulped the tea and devoured the cookies.

Maybe I am crazy, maybe my taste level has diminished, but I have to say I thought the tea cozy adorable.

1. The tea cozy instruction can be found in the book Tea Cozies 2. But beware: there are a ton of errors so make sure you email the publishers before you begin and ask for the errata.
2. If you happen to be a member of Ravelry, please friend me! I am, of course, CashmereLibrarian.


Merisi said...

Your tea cozy is so beautiful and witty, I love it!
Incidentally, I bought my husband a knitted tea cozy just big enough for a mug of tea (he takes it to his office and then lets it sit, and sit ... ). It is made in England, but much simpler than yours.

mamacita said...

It's possible that I'm growing sentimental in my old age, but I think it's adorable.

sparrowsandsparkles said...

I think it is adorable too! What a lovely tea you have there - I've always liked Wedgwood's Wild Strawberries. I have their Chinese Flowers and Crown Ruby patterns. :)

theladyant said...

I love the tea cozy and am glad you managed to finish it! I started it several times but there are way too many errors in the pattern. Have emailed publishers several times with no response and am very frustrated!

theladyant said...

Love that you managed to finish it! I have tried several times but there are way too many errors in the pattern (plus several others). Have emailed the publishers several times but no response! Very frustrating!

CashmereLibrarian said...

@the lady ant

Do you belong to Another knitter has posted corrections. Or email me at and I'll be happy to forward them to you.

theladyant said...

Yes, I do belong but only just joined and still getting used to the site. Many thanks for the offer, I will email you shortly.