Thursday, August 4, 2011

Road Trip, Summer 2011: Route 66. Day 3.

Route: Tucumcari, New Mexico to Holbrook, Arizona.

Breakfast at Cline's Corners, New Mexico. The coffee was strong and so was the morality:

Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico. Max and I toured a still-inhabited ancient pueblo village on the top of a 367-foot mesa. Our tour guide, Joseph, was amazing, but it was incredibly hot on the top of the bluff. And I somehow thought Birkenstocks would be appropriate footwear. Nonetheless, our visit was totally cool and I highly recommend a detour from Route 66 to see Sky City.

Me climbing down from the mesa on the original stone steps. In Birkenstocks.


LPC said...

What shoes would have been better? BTW, you look great.

CashmereLibrarian said...

Hey LPC! Thank you for the complement! I think I washed my hair that day, but I pretty much gave up after that :-)
I probably should have brought tennis was really dusty and my feet were filthy at the end of the tour, but really it was only the descent that was tricky. Comfort-wise, of course, the Birks never let me down!

M.Lane said...

This is a GREAT series! My favorite of the summer.