Thursday, October 13, 2011

Need Your Help!

I need a dress for my son's wedding!

Date: January, 2012 (brrrr!)

Inspiration for the wedding party: 1920s-1940s: vintage, mismatched, winter, old hollywood, city, classic, feathers & fur

Colors: , Maroon, Burgundy, Slate, Cream, Eggplant, Taupe, Mauve, Gray, Copper, Bronze, gold, etc...

I tried this, but it didn't work (at least the dress didn't--I adore the shoes but they're for fantasy purposes only):

So, any suggestions? You know what I look like: fit, but not skinny; broad shoulders, tall-ish. Budget: well, I'd like to keep it under $300 but willing to go up to $500-ish if it's amazing.

Bring it on, readers!


LPC said...

Well, here's a burgundy/aubergine option from Karen Millen, Here's a plum sort of vintagey thing from Bhldn., just to kick this project off:).

LPC said...

Or how do you feel about Alexander Wang brown panne velvet?

CashmereLibrarian said...

LPC! I adore the Alexander Wang--will definitely try it. I am wondering how to get my hands on a mink stole to wear with it. I also had forgotten about BHLDN--many possibilities there too! Many thanks--pls continue to send ideas as you find!