Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lavender-Scented Pillowcases

I may have mentioned that I am obsessed with ironing. I iron my pillowcases and the tops of the flat sheet (no I do not iron the entire sheet set--I do have a job afterall), and I first spray them with lavender water. Mine comes from World Market, but I've seen it many places. If you prefer, there are other scents--rose and verbena, for example--but I can't bring myself to leave lavender.
While I was in Portland, I stopped in L'Occitane and discovered a new Lavender Pillow mist that I of course had to buy. Here is it next to my bed. (Blue Bottle)

This verse is pinned inside my linen closet, on an old envelope from Cambridge Beaches in Bermuda. It used to have a spring of lavender attached by a ribbon, but it fell and was trampled by one of my sons.Our first house had a lavender plant that thrived; I haven't been able to replicate that since we moved further south, although I do have a potted one sitting on our wrought-iron table out on the patio. This bottle holds dried lavender blossoms from the bush at my former home; it's also (obviously) where I store some of my bracelets:


Be the change..... said...

I'm told i'm crazy -but i iron my pillowcases with lavendar water! I had insomnia when I was younger and a dr. suggested this -it really helps relax you! If I won the lottery, I would have someone iron all my sheets with lavendar water and change them daily!

CashmereLibrarian said...

Me too! I love going to hotels where someone else changes my linen every day . . . that, and my own bathroom that I wouldn't have to share (also cleaned daily, by someone else!) would be such great luxuries.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Can't get enough of the stuff, myself. Mrs. E. and I have huge lavender bushes in the back that we started from the smallest looking plants four years ago. I wish I could distill them! (Well, I wish I could distill alot of things, but....)

Hanging the wet sheet over the balustrade to dry helps keep it crisp and makes ironing that top bit really easy.

Becs said...

Hello Cashmere librarian, I love your name. Your blog is beautiful, I enjoyed reading it! Best, Becs

{this is glamorous} said...

Perhaps not a huge fan of ironing, but love, love the scent of lavendar, and for a Type A like me, anything that helps me relax is welcomed :) The L'Occitane Lavender Pillow mist sounds perfectly dreamy.