Monday, September 1, 2008

Bedside Books

At the risk of appearing shallow, I give to you my bedside reading shelf. These aren't the books I'm currently reading, but rather serve as "comfort" books: if I've nothing else to read, or am feeling sad/stressed, or simply want something to pick up and browse through until I feel sleepy, these books are what I turn to.
You'll see a few different categories. At the top, books on writing and girly beauty books (I just bought Nina Garcia's The One Hundred...not in the shelf yet 'cause I'm still reading it). The Preppy Handbook and its modern twin, The Filthy Rich Handbook. A couple of journals and The Artist's Way. Alot of Alexandra Stoddard; I first found her book Living a Beautiful Life browsing at my college's bookstore and she's been my authorial lifestyle mentor ever since. I think I have almost all of her books; not shown is her Book of Color.
Then we get to the Beauty and Fashion section, which includes a number of books about French style. Another life-changing book for me was Susan Sommer's French Chic. I bought it my last semester in college and it pretty much became my bible for dressing in the working world. It's responsible too, for creating my obsession with Hermès scarves.

Finally, the French language shelf. I've been trying to improve my French speaking and listening skills and I keep these reference books nearby to remind me to study! Also on this shelf are two random books, Victoria Intimate Home (it's just a beautiful little book) and A Reader's Guide to Writer's Britain (earlier this year I was obsessed with British literature/landscape connections and, as I couldn't be there, this book was the next best thing). Then there are the reference essentials: a dictionary and a thesaurus.

The Ladurée bag was given to me by my son, from a trip to Paris while he was studying in Europe. (I've never been there; how does he get to go when I haven't?! I stayed home and earned his tuition [eye roll].)


Belle in Bloom said...

That's an impressive bedside book collection. Love it.
Mine aren't in college, but I keep saying as soon as I'm finished buying meds and power rangers, I'm going to Europe. ha.

"As you can see I am a LiberalPrep: I pair my Lilly with pearls and Birkinstocks."
Cracked me up!
Have a great day!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE Alexandra Stoddard and have ALL her books (okay well maybe not the first two which are out of print).....

I actually met her 15 years ago at a book signing. She's great. She has a blog too, ya know. Or a website, whatever.

The Mrs. said...

I have many of the same books and refer to them often!!! I have added A Southern Belle Primer!

The Mrs. said...

Just ordered Living a Beautiful life! Looked too good to pass up! xo

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I had to come comment that I also LOVE Marina Rust! I know all about her. Did you ever see the big spread in Vogue about her home in Maine a couple years? back? It was great - pics of her beautiful home and her and the kids and her handsome husband Ian. If you didn't see it - check out that big decorating book Vogue Living that came out not long ago....the whole spread is included in there.

Now SHE is someone I'd love to meet in person. :)

Petunia said...

I LOVE your book collection!
My hubby & I had quite a romantic and sumptuous dinner at Laduree and I became addicted to the macaroons while we were in Paris. Fond memories!
Love your blog!

Bee said...

Oh, I have that Alexandra Stoddard book, too. Someone gave it to me for my wedding . . . but the tag fell off, or was never placed on (how very un-Stoddardish), and so I never knew who gifted me with this excellent trove of good advice. What I vividly remember about it is Alexandra relating how she and her husband liked to read things to each other. I always think of Alexandra reading in bed -- in pressed pajamas, with a nice breakfast tray. I read in bed, too, (Anne Lamott's Grace Eventually this morning), but in a rather sloppy mug of tea way. My favorite comfort books are by Laurie Colwin.