Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fat Flush

Since the Friday before Labor Day Weekend, my husband and I have been on the Fat Flush Plan. It's a two-week diet "Boot Camp" that allows one to lose weight and simultaneously flush one's system. We've done it a handful of times during the last five years and it really works. I'm not overweight*, but I am over forty which means the "creep": three pounds becomes five pounds, then seven... Anyway, we like to take care of the extra poundage every so often and this Plan is really effective. My husband has lost 12 lbs and I've lost 8 thus far. And the real beauty of the program is that the fat, not only pounds, truly comes off: my husband has his six-pack back. :-)

This is not to say it's easy. Here's what you can't eat: carbs (read: bread and things made from white sugar), certain spices (salt and a number of others), nor can you drink coffee or wine/liquor (uncivilized, huh?). In fact all we can drink is Cran-water (a mixture of undiluted Cranberry juice and water) and , uh, water. The meals aren't bad, but the cravings are KILLING me. Luckily I have only four days to go.

My liver is SO SO happy right now: cleansed of toxins, flushing out all the bad stuff...

Sadly, we'll probably undo all this hard work this weekend. For starters, I am planning on having a Hendricks martini, followed by a plate of oysters (IF we can get them given the hurricanes), rustic bread with, naturally, butter, and a bottle of cold wine wine. And cheesecake, perhaps, for dessert.

*I read online that Cindy Crawford is 5'9" and weighs 130lbs. I am only 5'7" and I don't weigh anywhere near 130 lbs. So what I mean is that I am not overweight in the American Midwest; in Malibu it would be a different story.


Habitually Chic said...

I was just wondering how old you were because I thought you looked about 25! Maybe the Fat Flush gets rid of fat and age! I think I might have to buy it!

mamacita said...

I was just thinking the same thing. I was wondering about those references to a teenage son -- they just didn't match up with the photos of you.