Monday, October 27, 2008

Marina Rust and Schuyler Samperton

Like many of you, I tear out meaningful articles from my magazines and collect them in binders. I've been doing this for years, so while I do weed out occasionally, I've been collecting since high school and it's not unusual to find clippings dating back to the early eighties. It's getting difficult for me to categorize my fashion-focused material. I used to have all fashion-related material in one binder, but now I have so many pieces I've had to split them up into two binders: Style and Glamour. What's the difference? I'm not even sure I know, and as a librarian who's trained to categorize everything this is stressing me out. Right now Glamour includes celebrity and lifestyle pieces, like clippings from Harper Bazaar's "Fashionable Life" series and those ubiquitous articles on those annoying women who stack Birkins floor-to-ceiling in their immense closets. Style is more fashion oriented, generally, but I still keep most of my "jet set" articles in there, with titles like, "The New Jet-Set Chic (Harpers Bazaar, November 2003)," Jet-Set Classics (Elle, September 2001)," and "The Social Register (Vogue, April 1997).

Other titles in my clippings collection? Travel, Interior Design, Beauty, and a blue-hydrangea coloured scrapbook for my authorial mentor, Alexandra Stoddard. Not seen, strewn about the house: Gardening, Crafts, Recipes...

I know there are many fans of both socialite Marina Rust and interior decorator Schuyler Samperton out there, and I thought it'd be fun to post some older articles from Vogue that you might have not seen before. First is a write-up of Marina as she published her book, Gatherings. It piqued my interest because I attended Duke while she was there, although I never met her. It's creased because I originally kept it folded, in my copy of Marina's book. The second article, featuring Schuyler Samperton, for some reason grabbed my attention because I was at the time moving to California and her lifestyle struck me as very LA. Back then, I did not realize that Schuyler and Marina were friends, but when I saw Marina Rust's wedding in the December 1999 Vogue issue, I noticed Schuyler was a guest. I no longer have the article, but as I recall, didn't André Leon Talley remark that she was wearing her own wedding gown, dyed?

Anyway, enjoy:

A Stylish Debut from Vogue, March 1993
A Tale of Two Cities from Vogue, August 1995


Easy and Elegant Life said...

When we moved into this house I lugged along boxes of tear sheets. When we staged the house in hopes to sell it, I tossed them all rather than pay to have them stored.

We didn't sell (YEAH!!!!) and now I wish I hadn't gotten rid of the clippings, many of which dated from the early 80's, like yours.

But I noticed I'm starting up again and will have to be more organized about it. Maybe I'll just scan and digitize everything. An extra hard drive can be very discreet hidden under the desk.

Dying to see some of your Jet-Set collection. What an age!

Heather said...

What a fun post! You are so organized.

Laura said...

Thank you so much for posting those articles--I'm crazy about Marina. Love, love, love her style.

Habitually Chic said...

I was just telling Maison21 tonight that I might need to pay someone to organize my tear sheets soon and maybe that person is you! I don't know how you fit all of them in those binders though. I have so many boxes filled. It's quite out of hand!

On a different note, I also own Gatherings and remember those articles. I'm sure there in a box somewhere!

shoppingugg said...
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