Friday, September 4, 2009

Sense of Smell

This morning, over our first cup of coffee, my husband and I were discussing our favorite smells.


his wife (me!) after she's been out in the sun all day
bacon sizzling
fresh tobacco
the forest after a rain
autumn leaves


my husband (him!) when he first wakes up
my babies
Santa Monica in the spring: jasmine and honeysuckle and sea air
a bookstore


mamacita said...

Mmmm...babies. They are the best. I also like the way that toddlers smell like graham crackers. I got a sweet faceful of that this afternoon.

M.Lane said...

Newly cut grass. Cedar. Any sort of food on an outdoor grill. I'm not sure martinis have a scent but if they do...martinis.


Kerree said...

My favourite smell is little babies. I miss that smell...

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Yay- I love Santa Monica's scent too and thought I was the only one who felt it had its own scent!

I love smelling:
- my Dog
- Jasmine in the Springtime
- Pies baking (any pies, I do not discriminate)
- A new handbag
- Fig candles

Great post!

QueenBeeSwain said...

love all these scents- isn't it interesting how a smell can conjure up such strong memories?!


ScentScelf said...

What a lovely way to spend some quiet time with your spouse.

Mmmm...crushed leaves & dirt as you harvest in the garden...the top of a baby's head (esp mine, of course, though that is but a memory)...the waft of a book that hasn't been opened in a long time...log remnants the night after a fire...honey locust in woods near a lake...

Also enjoy the aforementioned cut grass, dog, coffee (I don't generally drink it, but spouse does), and bacon. (That's right, I'm fighting the gender trend. ;) )

Bee said...

So evocative.

I like bread. Ginger in any form. Baby powder. Popcorn. And all of the ones that you mentioned -- all classics.

A freshly cut pine tree for Christmas!

Petunia said...

That cream top in my blog jeans photo is from Anthropologie AND right now it is on sale!
$39.95 down from $78

IRENE said...

What a lovely topic to discuss over coffee! My husband is a pipe smoker, and I love the smell of it/him especially in the winter months!I also love rain and fallen leaves. But I also love jasmin. I planted a jasmin in our garden this past spring, no flowers yet!Oh and bookstores, yes! And magazines. I love the smell of print! Thank you (now you know alot about me!)

style chronicle said...

I agree, babies have the most alluring smell. I would add tuberose gardenias.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Cashmere... I have given you an award on my blog! Come on over and claim it xo

Caftan Chronicles said...

Thanks much. Look forward to following you as well.

prashant said...

love all these scents- isn't it interesting
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sunday mornings said...

I think it's sort of funny that he lists "bacon sizzling" right after the smell of you "out in the sun all day." That's not meant to be offensive, just funny! I agree with you both on all the nature smells. Honeysuckle and lilacs next to the sea reminds me of summers on Cape Cod...:::sigh:::