Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lampe Berger

You need a Lampe Berger.

What it does: purifies the air in your home and destroys odors. (Cooking smells, cigarette smoke, pet odor, etc.)

How: Via catalytic combustion. Whatever.

Why you need it:
  • It works.
  • The lamps are beautiful.
  • It smells wonderful (or, it simply cleans the air without scent if you like; it's up to you)
What you need:
  • A Lampe Berger lamp. They can be pricey, but they come in an array of styles and prices and look beautiful simply sitting on your table. Below, some of my favorites from the Lampe Berger website.

    Glass, "Capri"

    Limoges Porcelain, "Louis XII"

    Metal, "Compression"

  • Lampe Berger Oil. My favorite scent is New Orleans: "A deliciously gourmet fragrance with fruity and sweet accents, enhanced by a hint of cinnamon." I've also enjoyed Lilac Blossom and Royal Jasmine (one I do not recommend is Amber Powder). As I mention above, you can also use a Neutral oil which will cleanse the air of odors but not disperse a scent.
Where to buy: My favorite on-line source for Lampe Berger lamps and oils (and candles, generally) is Candles Off Main. If you find a local store that carries Lampe Berger products, however, you can usually test the fragrances, which is nice.

How you use a Lampe Berger:

  • The first time you use it: Remove the cap and the burner/wick, fill the bottle about half full of oil. Replace the wick and let it soak, capped, for at least twenty minutes.
  • Then, whether you've just done the step above or for regular use: Remove the cap and light the burner. Let flame for about two minutes, or when the burner starts to turn gray. Blow out the flame, and top the lamp with the decorative cover (do not cap!). It will take 25-40 minutes for the lamp to do its thing: rid the air of bacteria while emitting the scent. NOW, remove the decorative cover (careful, it's hot!), cap the burner and replace the decorative cover. Mission accomplished.
If you already use a Lampe Berger, what are your favorite oils?


mamacita said...

I LOVE my Lampe Berger. I don't know how I ever lived without it. I'm devoted to the Lavender scent (I also buy all of my cleaning products in Mrs. Meyer's lavender). I do cut the Lavender with Neutral, though, because my rooms are small, and the scent can be overbearing.

Seriously, EVERYONE needs a Lampe Berger.

Meg said...

I was googling "favorite Lampe Berger scents" and came across your blog!

I love New Orleans and have it burning right now.. but I am almost out, and was hoping to read about other faves.

I am so grateful to have read the comment about cutting the scent with neutral.. what a GREAT idea!

I will try lilac and royal jasmine next! Thanks

Karena said...

Oh I would love to get one of these!! A Lampe Berger would be so aromatic....I love lavender and vanilla together.

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Art by Karena

pve design said...

I will have to add this to my good scents!

Belle said...

I love the "Capri". I need one. Beautiful and gets stinky boy and dog odors out...yes. Thanks for sharing!