Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things I'm Supposed to Feel Badly About, But Don't

  • I wear white all year 'round. (Not, however, only white.)
  • I like Birkinstocks.
  • AND, I'm all for spending hundreds of dollars on beautiful shoes and handbags, preferably with cash (but usually not).
  • I think a woman of any age can have long hair.
  • I apply lipstick in public.
  • I don't really like to entertain (but I like to be entertained).
  • I like to eat, but I don't cook and I don't want to learn. (I do bake.)
  • I think having a career is overrated.
  • I think people should be able to hunt as sport. Unregulated ownership of M16s or handguns is not sporting.
  • Americans don't all have to speak English.
  • Smoking is unhealthy, but an occasional Sobranie along with a Very Dry Martini is le dernier mot.
  • I enjoy witty vulgarity, and sometimes there's no greater satisfaction than a well-rendered swear word.
  • I admire Dita Von Teese and Kim Kardashian for their beauty and style.
  • If someone gave me a gorgeous fur coat, I would probably wear it.
  • I might try hard drugs when I am eighty. (Curious about the supposed heightened awareness, concerned about addiction or a bad trip.)


vicki archer said...

Here here.....Let's meet up when we are eighty...wear our fur coats, smoke a Sobranie (preferable a pink one) and tell our life stories over a cocktail. Love this...xv

Bee said...

I got such a kick out of this list.
When I moved to England, I discovered that I was "supposed to feel bad about" reading books during the day . . . but I don't. I love to blow the better part of a day on a book that I can't put down.

(A secret for you: I've done LSD. It was kooky; kind of scary, but unforgettable.)

Karena said...

Adore your site!! I am for drugs that will help us feel better and at eighty, anything goes....The fur is ready and I have a wonderful long cigarette holder.

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M.Lane said...

Please invite me to the octogenerian smoking/fur/??? party. I think either the French Quarter in New Orleans or the Latin Quarter in Paris is appropos...


sprite said...

Oh my goodness I love you!!
Seriously though I am impressed and delighted at your honesty and humour!
Thanks for making me laugh out loud on this dull rainy English morning!