Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hermès Scarf Ring II

I continued to play with my new toy. I was looking through the Purse Forum and I came across a thread on stacked bracelets; one member had used her Mors scarf ring with a leather Hermès wrap bracelet. I got to thinking: What could I use to create a bracelet with my new scarf ring? Hermès ribbon! (Um, yeah: Bolduc!)

Voila, the Bolduc bracelet:

Appropriately, the Bolduc I used for my bracelet was from 2002, Year of the Hand!

PS: I initially practiced tying the bracelet on my husband, and it looked great on him too!


vicki archer said...

Very cute....xv

Mrs. Scarf Tips said...

Love this. It is so cute!

Mrs. Scarf Tips said...

So cute. I love this look!