Sunday, May 3, 2009

Window Boxes

Today we went to the garden place to get plants for our window boxes. Since we've done this since 2003, we have it down to a science. What works best: geraniums, coleus, and sweet potato vine. Fueled by a couple of pitchers of Bloody Mary's, we got to work (note the Bloody on the table above).

Getting the boxes ready:

I also pick plants for some pots to place around the patio. This particular mixture (above) is meant for the shade, and will sit under the Star Magnolia. I stole the idea from White Flower Farm. It includes Verbena, Heliotropium, and Helichrysum.

Pansies for the patio table:

Spring has come to our garden! The Miss Kim lilac is about to bloom.

Lilies of the Valley in our front yard.

My husband readies support brackets for the side window box, to be filled with red Verbena. I asked him to take his shirt off for this photo, but he was too busy. ;-)

Window boxes ready to be filled with dirt and then planted.

Husband digging around the compost pile for suitable soil:

The final product:

Basil and Hidcote Lavender


M.Lane said...

What a great idea. I love window boxes! When I was a boy, we had an old cat who would get up and sleep in them whether there were flowers in them or not and we didn't have the heart to roust him out of the sun!

You have a very pretty spot for your home too.

I am usually not much for yard work or plantings but the B.Marys would inspire me!


please sir said...

OH they look divine!

Belle said...

Beautiful! I love this post. I have one window box under my kitchen window. It looks awful right now. I think I'll document the transformation. Thanks for the inspiration! Everything you did looks amazing! I'll be sure to add the bloody mary's to my documentary as well. ha!
Have a great day!

Tippy said...

Love how you've painted the boxes. I love sweet potato vine - that chartreuse color is amazing. I also like the deep purple variety. And verbena is one of my favorites. I like to do new guinea impatiens in my garage window box, but they aren't out too much in the garden shops here. Our official "safe date" for planting summer annuals is May 15, so I guess I'm a little early. Of course, central Illinois is probably already safe from frost.

I adore Lily of the Valley. So pretty as a border.

Bee said...

Wow! I'm impressed with your method -- and the outcome!

I was doing the exact same thing this weekend . . . with many of the same plants. Husband and I bought some extremely expensive (but RHS special) Hidcote lavenders a few days ago. I love French lavenders, but experience has taught me that the Hidcote variety does better with the English climate.

Kelli said...

Oh my goodness! Everything looks amazing! So lush, green and beautiful.
Anytime you want to come to SoCal, I would be happy to lend you my backyard for some sprucing up.
Thank you for your comment you left today, I appreciate the encouragement!

Christi said...

Your window boxes - the actual boxes - are gorgeous! Can't wait to see them all abloom later in the season.